Bianca Seccombe Owner

My Pilates journey began in 2008…

With loved ones in tow we set off on a snowboarding adventure in Japan. Now it had been many years since I had been a snow bunny but in my eyes I was still able to carve up some snow. Well wasn’t I wrong!! The nerves kicked in and I was so out of my depth. But I was determined to keep up with my gorgeous Scott (who was quite the pro!) so I had a few lessons to help me out.

The lessons gave me some confidence but I still looked like a drunk lady on a snowboard! I was so wobbly and out of control. After a brain-rattling fall (yes, on the beginner’s slope!) I knew I was going to be sore but I didn’t think it would have so much impact on my body. For the next few months I was a regular at the chiropractor and just about lived on my friend Jaime Morgan’s massage table.

The injury continued to give me grief and being active with PT sessions, running, swimming it made life difficult. I will be forever grateful to Jaime because her ‘cruel to be kind’ words about building my core strength changed my life and career path forever. She said, ‘Bianca, you can’t go on like this, you need to do Pilates to build your core strength, and to help support the pelvis/spine. Your body is falling apart and the exercise you are doing is not helping you, its hindering you. Find somewhere and start NOW!”

From my very first session I was in love. I felt so good, my muscles had worked and I was pain free! I did three sessions in the first week and arranged for private sessions too.

A month later I was hooked and wanted more! I found myself reading articles and blogs about Pilates and by then I had discovered the reformer.

After a trip to a studio in Brisbane I knew that Mackay needed a Pilates Studio with all the trimmings.

I studied, I practised, I read and I self- taught. I travelled the east coast to every course I could – from beginners to advanced training. We set up a small home studio with enough space for eight mats and two reformers. It quickly grew to over 18 classes a week.

In 2013 we decided to take to the big step of opening a studio and I still feel like I am living in a dream! I love, love, love what I do every day. Seeing people improving their physical health and getting them get back on track is so fulfilling and rewarding.

I have an amazing team of talented ladies who I admire more than words can say and I am honoured to have them here living their dream as well. My husband Scott is my number one supporter and plays a big part in the studio. He’s the good looking one in classes every week! My two children also love being in here, Bodie works on a Wednesday night and Izzy loves to come in to tell us all how to run things!

And of course the beautiful clients that visit each week. Every one of you has made this dream a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Diploma in Pilates Studies
  • Advanced Certificate in Fitness Studies

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